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Sponsorship letter

Mo City Radio is a hungry and rapidly growing radio station that has become a beacon for local talent and community engagement since its inception in May of 2022. We are more than excited to share our journey with you and hereby invite your support for your Greater Houston community by sponsoring our broadcast.

Mo City Radio was born out of a passion for music, entertainment, and community. Today, Mo City Radio is a thriving platform that is dedicated to the growth of local businesses, artists, and community empowerment. We have recently joined forces with 1057 The Phase, a sister station in Atlanta that shares our commitment to supporting up-and-coming artists. Together, we aim to connect with more like-minded stations to amplify the voices of talented artists with much to say.

Why sponsor us

Community Engagement

We are deeply rooted in Missouri City, Texas, and have become an integral part of the local cultural and entertainment scene. Your sponsorship will demonstrate your commitment to the community and foster goodwill among our one- of-a-kind body of residents.

Exposure to a Diverse Audience

Mo City Radio has a diverse and growing fanbase that includes music enthusiasts, artists, entrepreneurs, and leading community activists. Our radio station provides inimitable access to broad and highly engaged market that is eager to support those who show good will.

Supporting Emerging Artists

Our core mission is to provide a platform for newer artists to showcase their talent. By sponsoring Mo City Radio, you will directly contribute to the growth and success of these artists, which will be a powerful testament to your commitment to nurturing talent and a shifting culture.

Visibility and Brand Recognition

Depending on your sponsorship package, you will enjoy prominent visibility through our marketing efforts, including on-air acknowledgments, social media mentions, and branding opportunities at our studio location. This exposure will enhance your brand recognition throughout our listener base.

Alignment with Positive Values

Mo City Radio is dedicated to promoting fair business practices and fostering an environment of inclusivity and creativity. Associating your brand with our values will enhance your public image and reputation in an industry where reputation is paramount.

Sponsorship Packages

Monthly Listeners

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